Contest Dates

Please note that contest dates could possibly change through unforeseen circumstances.    Please check with the contest organisers for up-to-date information.                 




24th                 North West Regional Championships, Winter Gardens, Blackpool.



2nd & 3rd        Yorkshire Regional Championships, Town Hall, Huddersfield.

16th & 17th     North of England Regional Championships, Durham.



27th                 NWABBA Youth Festival, Buxton

28th                 NWABBA Buxton Brass Band Festival



18th                 Grand Shield Spring Festival, Blackpool.



14th & 15th      National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain

                        1st to 4th Section Finals - The Centaur, Cheltenham Racecourse.



12th                  National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain

                         Championship Section Final - Royal Albert Hall, London.


20th                  NWABBA Rochdale Brass Band Contest, Town Hall, Rochdale.



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