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The entry form for the Buxton Brass Band Festival on Sunday 17th May 2020 in the Octogon Theatre, Pavilion Gardens, Buxton can now be downloaded from the website - Downloads page.

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Sunday 20th August saw 28 bands descend on the Town Hall, Rochdale for the 2019 Rochdale Brass Band Contest.    The event started at 9.30 am with the Fourth Section, followed by the Third, Second, First & Championship Sections, and finally finished at 7.30 pm.  

There was a whole team of volunteers, under the leadership of Richard Milton, Contest Secretary, who worked all day to ensure the smooth running of the event and a vote of thanks was given to them at the end of each section of the contest.  Without these volunteers the event could not have been run.   Percussion for the event was again provided by Ray Payne, who is noted for the excellent instruments that he provides.

It was a feast of music for those who attended this "Own Choice" event, for out of the 28 performances there were 27 different testpieces played.   This must be something of a record.

The prizes were presented by the NWABBA President Mr. Mal Brownbill.

The results are as follows:-

Fourth Section

Adjudicator: David Ashworth

1.  Tewit Silver (Martin Hall) (Beecher Variations, Stephen Bulla)

2.  Dobcross Silver (Jason Smith) ( Music from Kantara, Kenneth Downie)

3.  Skelmersale (Ben Coulson) (Kaleidoscope, Philip Sparke)

4.  Blackley (Adrian Smith) (Penlee, Simon Dobson)

5.  Cadishead Public (David Holland) (Music for a Festival, Philip Sparke)

6.  St. John's Mossley (Paul Towle) (Partita, Edward Gregson)

7.  Fairfield (Buxton) (S. Lewis) (St. Andrew's Variations, Alan Fernie)

Highest placed NWABBA member band - Dobcross Silver

Best Instrumentalist - Euphonium player - Dobcross Silver.

Third Section - sponsored by KP Industries

Adjudicator: David Ashworth

1.  Whitworth Vale & Healey (Chris Binns) (Viczcaya, Gilbert Vinter)

2.  Pilling Jubilee Silver (Steve Hartley) (Henry The Fifth, R. Vaughan Williams)

3.  Eccleston Brass (John Wood) (Renaissance, Peter Graham)

4.  Stalybridge Old (James Atkins) (Labour and Love, Percy Fletcher)

5.  Cleethorpes (Brian Harper) (The Mermaid of Zennor, Philip Harper)

6.  Golborne (Joshua Hughes) (Facets of Glass, Gordon Langford)

7.  Greenalls (J. Hall) (Dimensions, Peter Graham)

Highest placed NWABBA member band - Whitworth Vale & Healey

Best Instrumentalist - Euphonium Player - Cleethorpes

Second Section - sponsored by Hanson Springs

Adjudicator: Andrea Price

1.  Hade Edge (Chris Binns) (Tallis Variations, Philip Sparke)

2.  Meltham & Meltham Mills (Tom Haslam) (Galdhopiggen, Simon Kerwin)

3.  Besses o'th'Barn (Trevor Halliwell) (Essay, Edward Gregson)

4.  Delph (Phil Goodwin) (Variations on 'Maccabeus', Kevin Norbury)

5.  Allerton Brass (Adam D.J. Taylor) (Rhapsody in Brass, Dean Goffin)

6.  Blackpool Brass (Max Stannard) (Variations for Brass Band,

                                                                               R. Vaughan Williams)

Highest placed NWABBA member band - Besses o'th'Barn

Best Instrumentalist - Hade Edge

First Section - sponsored by WT Building Services

Adjudicator: Andrea Price

1.  Diggle (Alan Widdop) (An Epic Symphony, Percy Fletcher)

2.  Lindley (Mike Golding) (Land of the Long White Cloud, Philip Sparke)

3.  Flixton (Matthew Ryan) (Legacy, Tom Davoren

4.  Middleton (Kevin Gibbs) (A London Overture, Philip Sparke)

5.  Crewe Brass (Matt Pithers) (Rhapsodic Variations, My Strength, My Tower,

                                                                                                             Dean Goffin)

Highest placed NWABBA member Band - Diggle

Best Instrumentalist - Diggle

Championship Section

Adjudicator: Andrea Price

1.  Oldham (Lees) (John Collins) (On Alderley Edge, Peter Graham)

2.  Shepherd Group Brass (Richard Wilton) (Tallis Variations, Philip Sparke)

3.  Freckleton (Matt Shaw) (Paganini Variations, Philip Wilby)

Highest placed NWABBA member Band - Oldham (Lees)

Best Instrumentalist - Solo Cornet - Oldham (Lees)

Best Percussion Section - Oldham (Lees)

The NWABBA look forward to returning to Rochdale Town Hall in 2020 for their Rochdale Brass Band Contest on Sunday 1st November

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Do you or your band enjoy attending the Regional Championships at Blackpool?
Have you ever thought how many people it takes to put on that day in February?  The answer is 'a lot'.  This year we have lost the services of a number of our long standing helpers.  We are very grateful for the support they have given us over the years but now is the time for a new generation to show their support.  Without more help it will be impossible to put on future contests.  Who knows you may enjoy it!  We have had a moderate response to this appeal but more helpers are always welcome and if you would like to volunteer then please contact Lesley Reynolds (Regional Treasurer) 
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North West Regional Championships
Friday, 27th September 2019
The AGM was held at Woodley Civic Hall, and it was not a well attended meeting.  In fact it only went ahead because of the number of apologies for absence which had been received. and could be taken into account.
However, full reports were given by the Officers and as a result of the nominations Shirley Woodward was elected as Chairman for a further 3 year period along with Janet Taylor and Ann Whittaker as Committee members for 3 years.   Sadly this year we had received the resignation of 2 other members and unfortunately no one at the meeting was able to stand to fill the vacancies.  1 member is need for a 2 year period and the second one for a 1 year period.   If anyone is willing to volunteer to become a member of the Regional Committee then PLEASE contact Richard Milton, Regional Secretary at
Both the Chairman and Secretary made an urgent appeal for volunteers to help run the Regional Contest on the 23rd February 2020.   This year had seen the loss of two volunteers following the death of John Ireland and Ken Watts and since the event in February we had also lost the services of Ian & Anne Mason leaders of the High Peak Team along with Martin & Jean Flanagan, Elaine Bowden and Frances Hudson who has decided to retire after many years of loyal service to the event.
If these people are not replaced with other volunteers then there will be a major problem for the Championships which could result in a much longer day for all concerned with maybe the loss of one hall.   If you know of anyone who could spare a few hours on the day to help out then please get in touch with Lesley Reynolds on who will be able to give you all the information you require to become part of the team which has tried to run a successful one day championships for so many years.   You will be putting something back into the event to help the bands of the North West.   Many thanks in advance, please try and help.

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Buxton Brass Band Festival - Change of Date
Buxton Brass Band Festival
Sunday 17th May 2020
Pavilion Gardens, Buxton.
We have now been informed that our preferred date for the Buxton Contest in 2020 has become available.  This takes us away from any any problems associated with the May Day Bank Holiday and problems which may arise from celebrations to commemorate the Second World War.  Our apologies to bands who's plans may be affected by this change.

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The 72nd AGM was held on Monday 17th June and was attended by the officers and representatives from 14 member bands.  A further 13 bands sent their apologies for non-attendance.   Full reports were given by the Officers.  The President, Mal Brownbill, appealed for more people to get involved in the running of the Association either by serving on the Executive Committee or coming along to work at the two major contests run by the NWABBA - Buxton and Rochdale.   He asked anyone who was interested to contact either the Chairman (Richard Milton) or the Secretary (Shirley Woodward).

All the officers were re-elected en bloc and Peter Bates, Jon-Paul Coulson, George Salt and Alex Smith were elected to the Executive Committee.  

One decision made at the AGM was that for 2019/20 the annual membership subscription to the NWABBA would be increased by 10% from the present figure of £50 to a new one of £55.    This is the first increase in the subscriptions for 10 years and is way behind inflation levels over the past few years.   The Officers and Executive members sincerely hope that this small increase will not deter any of the current members from renewing their subscription.   As was pointed out it is just over a £1 per week to be a member.

Following the AGM an Open Forum was held and bands raised matters of concern to them.

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Grading Tables 2020

The official Grading Tables have now been uploaded to this site. Please go to  our 'Events'  drop down menu.
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                     REGIONAL WEBSITE

The Regional website - - has ceased to exist and the NWABBA have kindly agreed that information about the North West Regional Championships in Blackpool can continue to be shown on the "Events" page under the dropdown heading North West Regional Championships.

The Regional Committee are grateful for this continued facility.   Please remember that the new email address for Richard Milton, Regional Secretary is

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Peter Bates and Richard Milton

 North West Regional Brass Band Championships AGM

North West Regional Chairman Shirley Woodward expressed the sincere regrets of everyone in NW banding, as Peter Bates hung up his white trainers, retiring as Regional Secretary after twenty years of devoted service to that office.    Peter was presented with a special designed certificate, recording his much appreciate, dedicated service to North West banding.  Richard Milton was elected to take over as Regional Secretary.  Hopefully the trainers will not be put away for too long, as Peter was elected to the Regional Committee.
Richard's contact details can be found on our  'About Us' page.
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Water Band Want to Beat the Drought

Water Band would welcome any experienced players who would like to be part of a non-contesting, community band.  Why not come along to the bandroom at 1036-1038 Burnley Road East, Lumn in Water.
 You can have a look around the bandroom and if you wish, have a go on one of their bright, shiny, brass band instruments. Saturday 9.45 a.m. to Noon and Wednesday 7p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Further information or
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Please look in the drop-down heading - "Players Wanted" - for information about

requests sent to the NWABBA for bands and players wanted.

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Want to Communicate With Us?

You can use our email contact or we now have a link with the new brass band community site 

Just go to the website and sign in - look for the list of members - you will find the NWABBA listed - join our list of members.

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NWABBA Member Bands' Links

If you would like an email and/or your band website link put in our listing, please send the information into us by the 'CONTACT US' link

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50 years medal   


  Long Service Medal

Following requests from our member bands, the NWABBA have had a special medal struck to celebrate long service.

The medal is gold plated, with bars on which details of the service may be engraved.

Requests for the award may be made on behalf of NWABBA band members who have served for a minimum of 50 years.

A request form is available on our 'downloads' page or in your band's 'Band Administration Handbook'.

Please allow a minimum of four weeks for your request to be fulfilled..









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