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NWABBA Member Bands on Top Form at Cheltenham
Congratulations to our member bands who gained success at the National Finals.
First Section  Winners  Pemberton Old Wigan DW Band (Ben Dixon)
Second Section
  Winners Boarshurst Silver (James Garlick), Second Glossop Old (Duncan Beckley) Fourth  Delph (Philip Goodwin).
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Foden's Announce Their New Youth Initiative
For news of this exciting venture please go to our Events Page.
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Glossop Sunday Concerts Start

The second series of concerts starts Sunday 10th of September at the Glossop Band Club. They will run at the same time as previously 2.00pm till 4.00pm with new bands added to the rosta and running through till the end of April 2018.

We will have @Mouselow Farm Brewery Real Ale on throughout the series at still only £2.50 a pint!!

Entrance is FREE !! all we ask is that you support the bands by means of the Raffle, Auction and "Bucket Collection"

The visiting Bands for September are;
24/09/2017 – Burbage Band (Buxton)

For future dates and bands please see the bands web site or facebook page

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Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th October

at Rochdale Town Hall.

        Rochdale Youth Contest on Saturday 28th October

 The Rochdale Contest on Sunday 29th October.

Entry Forms may be downloaded from our 'Download' page

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The Annual General Meeting of the NWABBA
was held on Friday, 19th May,
at the Woodley Civic Hall

       The Following Officers and Members of the Executive Committee were elected

                                   Chairman  - Richard Milton
                                   General Secretary - Shirley Woodward
                                   Treasurer - Dave Timmins
                                       Executive Committee
               Peter Bates -  Jean Hunter - Jim Hunter- George Salt - Ken Watts

General Secretary’s Report to the AGM

This year has been a year of ups and downs for our Executive Committee.  I would like to personally give praise to our President Mal Brownbill, who goes over and beyond the call of duty.  His support for our organisation is much appreciated by our Officers and Committee.

My personal thanks to our Chairman Richard Milton and to Peter Bates who is listed as our Minute Secretary but does so much to help keep our Association running.  Both Peter and Richard are to be thanked for taking over the financial management of the Association following the resignation of our Treasurer.

Other members of our Executive have taken on supportive roles.  Particularly,  I want to mention Ken Watts who supported Richard and Peter with the accounts.

George Salt gave a great deal of his time in drawing up a contact list of non-member bands so that we could contact them in a recruitment drive.  Our thanks to Peter, Richard and Mal for their work in contacting the bands.  This has resulted in five new members for the association with hopefully more to come.

Members of our Committee and our volunteers have helped steward the National Youth Championships.  They also attended the first National Forum hosted by Brass bands England.

The take up of Long Service Awards has continued to increase, with the 50 Year Award the most popular.

We have paid out two donations to bands from the Mary Mather Fund to help pay for the purchase of music for their Youth Bands.

This year we have run three successful contests, the Rochdale Youth Contest, the Rochdale Contest and the Buxton Brass Band Festival.  Richard Milton was Contest Organiser for the two Rochdale events and myself as Contest Organiser of the Buxton Contest.   Unfortunately, the building works at Buxton has meant that we have had to use the temporary marquee.  Our thanks to the bands for their support and to the volunteers who helped us run both events.  We hope that 2018 will see a return to the Octagon Theatre at the Pavilion Gardens.

Our thanks to Richard who has developed our Facebook page which is picking up more followers.  Our website has had some problems with a change of service providers, meaning it went down at times but hopefully that problem has been solved.  We will be looking at bringing it more up-to-date soon.

One of my roles is to represent our Association on the Board of Brass Bands England.  Much of the early part of the year was taken up by developing ‘Band Safe’, a series of downloadable documents which will lead bands towards developing their own policy on providing a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults.  Soon, we will be organising a seminar with Heidi Bradley, the Safe-Guarding Officer of BBE, who will be taking us through the documents.  This is the first such seminar, so please support us.  It is to your advantage to send along a representative and will be free for our member bands.

Work on providing other activities such as master classes is ongoing.  One of our main problems is obtaining venues at reasonable prices.  We will be happy to hear about any possible venue you may know about.  If there are any particular types of training events you would like us to put on for you, please let us know.

As always, we need more people to help with the work of the Association.  Please do not feel that you have nothing to offer.  We are always grateful for help.

Our thanks for your support of the Association.

Message from the NWABBA President - Mal Brownbill


The heading of my message is quite simply HELP.  I did download the words to the Beatles song and considered singing a karaoake version of the song at the AGM, but thought better of it.

Your Executive has been extremely busy working on your behalf, organising several successful events.  They have also managed to recruit several new bands into membership, which obviously strengthens the Association.  However, they would obviously benefit greatly from an injection of new blood onto the Committee.

When I was invited to become President five years ago I was told that I was not expected to become actively involved simply to provide support at important Association events etc.   However, after attending a couple of Executive meetings I found that I enjoyed the experience and now regularly attend when-ever possible.

I appreciate that everybody here at the AGM will always have the concerns of their own band foremost in their thoughts and it is only natural that your band will always be a priority.   But being members of a successful Association can also benefit your individual band.   So please consider the wider picture and if possible think seriously of putting your name forward for election to the Executive Committee.

I can assure you that when the Executive organise a successful event, it can prove to be a very rewarding experience.  To quote another Beatles song Please Please Me and consider putting your name forward.  You won't regret it.

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The Final Results

Fourth Section Adjudicator: Steve Pritchard-Jones

1. Fairfield (Buxton) Charles Kitchen

2. Cadishead Public David Holland

3. Denton Brass Matthew Bailey

4. Huddersfield &Ripponden Brass Adam Bell

5. St. John’s Mossley Paul Exton-McGuiness

6. Mereside Brass Mike Phenton

Best Bass Section Fairfield (Buxton) Highest Placed NWABBA Member Band (Fairfield (Buxton)

Third Section Adjudicator Steve Pritchard-Jones

1. Ifton Colliery Scott Lloyd

2. Lofthouse 2000 Andrew Whitaker

3. Greenfield Tom Haslam

4. Stalybridge Old David Ashworth

5. Farnworth & Walkden Matt Shaw

6. Trentham Brass Mike Caveney

Best Euphonium Section Greenfield Highest Placed NWABBA Member Band Greenfield

Second Section Adjudicator Mark Wilkinson

1. Pemberton Old Wigan ‘B’ Mike Golding

2. Besses Boys James Holt

3. Glossop Old Duncan Beckley

4. Blackpool Brass John Pearson

5. Horwich RMI Mattew Ryan

6. Old Hall Brass John North

Best Cornet Section- Pemberton Old Wigan ‘B’

Highest Placed NWABBA Member Band Besses Boys

Championship and First Section Adjudicator Mark Wilkinson

1. Haslingdon & Helmshore (Chalkers) Simon Cowan

2. Bedworth Brass Ryan Richardson

3. Longridge Mark Peacock

4. Harrogate Dean Jones

5. Hade Edge Jonathan Beatty

Best Soloist Prize Daniel Jackson Euphonium Hade Edge

Highest placed NWABBA Member Band Haslingden and Helmshore

Highest Placed Nationally Graded First Section Haslingden & Helmshore

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 Haslingden and Helmshore Celebrate Their Win
Haslingden & Helmshore Players Celebrate with Contest Organiser Shirley Woodwarde
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We are delighted to offer congratulations to our member bands on their success at the recent North West Regional Championships in Blackpool in qualifying for the National Finals in Cheltenham in September and at the Royal Albert Hall in October.

Championship Section:   Foden's Band (1st) and Milnrow Band (2nd)

Second Section: Delph Band (3rd) and Boarshurst Silver Band (4th)

         (Cheshire Constabulary Band did qualify in 2nd place but due to a tour of

          Germany, which cannot be cancelled, the Band has had to withdraw from the

          finals - we wish them well on the tour)

Fourth Section: Thornton Cleveleys Band (1st - for the 2nd year running)



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A new piece of music was commissioned by the NWABBA to mark the historic occasion of its 70th Anniversary this year.    Well know composer Dan Price undertook the commission and provided a new piece "PRELUDE 1946" which has now been issued to all NWABBA member bands free of charge.  The work salutes the NWABBA for its 70 years of service to the Brass Bands in the North West and is suited to all grades of band.

The composer agreed that this work would only be available to NWABBA members until its publication by Yewden Music at the end of exclusive period in 2017.

The NWABBA hope that their member bands will enjoy the work and be able to include it in concert performances.     This work follows on from the piece composed by Roy Newsome to mark the 60th Anniversary of the NWABBA.

Here's to another one in 10 years time.

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Please look in the drop-down heading - "Players Wanted" - for information about

requests sent to the NWABBA for bands and players wanted.

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Want to Communicate With Us?

You can use our email contact or we now have a link with the new brass band community site 

Just go to the website and sign in - look for the list of members - you will find the NWABBA listed - join our list of members.

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NWABBA Member Bands' Links

If you would like an email and/or your band website link put in our listing, please send the information into us by the 'CONTACT US' link

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50 years medal   


  Long Service Medal

Following requests from our member bands, the NWABBA have had a special medal struck to celebrate long service.

The medal is gold plated, with bars on which details of the service may be engraved.

Requests for the award may be made on behalf of NWABBA band members who have served for a minimum of 50 years.

A request form is available on our 'downloads' page or in your band's 'Band Administration Handbook'.

Please allow a minimum of four weeks for your request to be fulfilled..









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