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BRIAN JENKINS It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Brian Jenkins. Brian joined Newton Heath Band in 1947 and also helping out a number of local bands. He followed up with a long stay at British Aerospace Band, staying until the band folded in 1999. Brian spent the rest of his playing days with Uppermill Band, Tame Valley Brass, and Westwood Over 50s Brass Band, receiving his 70 Years Platinum Long Service award in 2017. His son Ian asks those who knew him to raise a glass to his memory. The funeral will be on Monday 2nd November. Donations in his memory can be made to the Alzheimer's Society via
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ROCHDALE CONTEST 2020 Due to the current restrictions the NWABBA has had to cancel the 2020 Rochdale Contest. All bands who won Trophies at the 2019 event are asked to keep hold of them until contacted by the Contest Secretary or an official from the NWABBA. If you want to return any trophy in the near future then please contact the Officers of the NWABBA. Many thanks for your help and to all bands stay safe and well.
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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS Due to the current restrictions on public meetings it has not been possible for the NWABBA to hold its AGM as usual in June. The Officers and Committee members have agreed to remain in place until such time as an AGM can be arranged. Similarly the North West Regional Committee AGM should have been held at the end of September and here again the Officers and members will remain in post for the time being. As soon as circumstances allow both organisations will arrange their AGM's in accordance with their Constitutions.
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The website now appears to be back on-line but unfortunately we have some problems and have not been able to keep it up to date. Certain sections cannot be edited at present so the information given could be out of date. Work is in progress on a new web site. Please use our Facebook page 'North West Brass Bands Association' for up dated information, or contact the General Secretary. Our apologies for any inconvenience.
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Please look in the drop-down heading - "Players Wanted" - for information about

requests sent to the NWABBA for bands and players wanted.

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Want to Communicate With Us?

You can use our email contact or we now have a link with the new brass band community site 

Just go to the website and sign in - look for the list of members - you will find the NWABBA listed - join our list of members.

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NWABBA Member Bands' Links

If you would like an email and/or your band website link put in our listing, please send the information into us by the 'CONTACT US' link

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50 years medal


Long Service Medal

Following requests from our member bands, the NWABBA have had a special medal struck to celebrate long service.

The medal is gold plated, with bars on which details of the service may be engraved.

Requests for the award may be made on behalf of NWABBA band members who have served for a minimum of 50 years.

A request form is available on our 'downloads' page or in your band's 'Band Administration Handbook'.

Please allow a minimum offour weeks for your request to be fulfilled..

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